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Our focus is to raise funds and advocate for improvements at Jefferson Memorial Forest and within other natural areas managed by the Natural Areas Division of Louisville Metro Parks & Recreation.  We are keenly interested in improving equitable access to natural spaces for all residents of Louisville. Click the button above to donate today!

Activities we pursue, and which your donations will support, include:

  • Capital improvements that create wonderful spaces for the public of all ages and abilities to enjoy nature;
  • Programming to increase access to nature and nature-programming for low-income youth and youth of color;
  • Conserving land through property acquisition to improve ecological connectivity at Jefferson Memorial Forest; and
  • Restoring degraded habitat through invasive species management and tree planting.

Here are some examples of your donation’s impact on the community:


pond study

$25: Pond Study Supplies

A gift of $25 provides supplies for a student pond study program.






$50: Tree Planting

A gift of $50 pays for a sapling to be planted as part of a student service learning project.





matt and kids

$100: Outdoor Recreation

A gift of $100 subsidizes programming for local at-risk youth.






$250: Canoe Building

A gift of $250 provides supplies for students to construct a canoe.






$500: Memorial Tree

A gift of $500 subsidizes the cost for a native tree to be planted in honor, memory, or support of someone.